Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gadget of the month: Sony-Alarm

Not Your Dad’s Alarm Clock

The Internet is everywhere, so why not bring it to bed with you in the form of a touch screen clock?

Though Sony doesn’t call its new Dash ($200, an “alarm clock,” it’ll be the best one you ever own, delivering Net radio, weather, sports scores and just about everything else digital, right to your bedside (except for, you know, that other digital pastime of ours). Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Yes, waking
up for work will still suck.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Converse One Star

Yesterday I bought a pair of Converse One Star, One Star? When did Converse start making One Star and whats the difference between Converse One Star and Converse All Stars?, I asked myself.
So I Google to get the answer,so here it goes.......

Converse took its style in a new direction with the introduction of the One Star model in 1974. The low-cut sneaker became a skateboarding staple in the '70s and '80s. (

In the 1970's, Converse marketed at least four suede sneaker models similar to the classic "Chuck Taylor" All Star canvas basketball shoe. They were very similar. The major difference between the shoes were patterns on the side. These models included:

  1. The "One Star", which used the standard All Star sole.
  2. A "stripe-star-stripe" model, which used the standard All Star sole.
  3. A "star and chevron" model, which used a slightly modified All Star sole.
  4. A three-striped model in the COACH line.

What is the difference between Converse One Star and just regular Converse All Stars?

For one its cheaper, basically, you pay half the price! Other than that not much as far as I can see, essentially the shoe structure is the same.

Did you that Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, deceased punk rock singer, was wearing black One Star sneakers when he shot himself.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Track of da Month: Tonight (Steve Forest & Nicola Fasano Radio Mix)-Nicola Fasano Ft. Kat Deluna

"Tonight" is the brand new dance hit from producer Nicola Fasano with vocals from Kat DeLuna, you may remember his last hit "Oye Baby" featuring Pitbull.

download here=

Monday, July 18, 2011

Quote This....

Muhammad Ali, "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life".

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Upcoming fight- Amir Khan vs Zab Judah on July 23rd 2011

The fight for the light-welterweight world title will see Britain's Amir Khan facing the US southpaw Zab Judah on July 23 at Las Vegas.

Khan, holding the World Boxing Association version of the division will risk the same against Judah, who owns the International Boxing Federation title. Khan, 25-1 with 17 knockouts will fight for his title with Judah, who is 41-6 with 28 knockouts.

In 2005, Judah became the undisputed welterweight world champion. And last March, he took the vacant IBF light-welterweight title by knocking out South Africa's Kaizer Mabuza, in the seventh round.

Khan on the other hand, in December, edged Argentina's Marcos Maidana in a unanimous decision in Las Vegas bout. It has been voted as the best fifth of 2010 by American boxing writers.

Khan vs Judah will be broadcast live on Primetime pay-per-view, channel 480 on Sky.

Call 0844 879 8298

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Snakes on a train!

Yes its true this is no Hollywood movie!! - Railway officials have discovered snakes on a train in Vietnam - highly venomous king cobras in bags under a seat.

Railroad official Pham Quynh says passengers were terrified when four cloth bags containing the writhing cobras were spotted Friday. The snakes were alive but had their mouths stitched shut. The exact number of snakes was unclear.

Security staff removed the cobras, which were likely destined for restaurants in Hanoi. Their owner apparently escaped in the chaos. Snake meat is considered a delicacy in Vietnam, but cobras are protected by law.

The cobras were given to forest rangers who released them into the wild on Saturday after no one claimed them.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fun Food Facts part2:

The tomato (all 9 000 varieties of it) is the most popular fruit in the world. Surprisingly, the banana is the second most popular.

Although a apple a day will not necessary keep the doctor away, apparently an apple in the morning is far more effective at keeping you awake than a cup of coffee. Plus they are 25% air so it should full you up while not weighing you down.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Creature of the month: Kuhli Loach

The Kuhli Loach (Pangio kuhlii) is a small eel-like freshwater fish belonging to the loach family (Cobitidae). It originates in Indonesia and the Malay Peninsula. This snake like creature is very slender and is nocturnal. You can buy it at any pet shop, they retail for about R35 each.

The kuhli loach will live for several years in an aquarium in which it is the only fish of its kind, but it seldom comes out in the open and cannot be enjoyed for its comical actions. If it is kept in small groups (I like to keep at least a half dozen together), the kuhli loach will be seen swimming in and around piles of rocks, under and over pieces of driftwood or around the stems of plants. It will be out looking for food, playing tag with its friends or simply "sunning" itself on a raised object in short, it will act more like it would in the wild.

When breeding, the females often become monstrously fat and their greenish ovaries can be seen through the skin before spawning. Spawning is not easy, but when it occurs a few hundred greenish eggs are laid among the roots of floating plants. Kuhli loaches reach maturity at 2 ¾ inches (7 cm) and have a maximum length of 4 inches (10 cm). They natively live in a tropical climate and prefer water with a 5.5 - 6.5 pH-but will tolerate 7.0 pH in aquaria, a water hardness of 5.0 dGH, and a temperature range of 75 - 86 °F (24 - 30 °C). Kuhli Loaches are scavengers, so they will eat anything that hits the bottom. Kuhli loaches usually feed in the night time, but can be taught to be fed in the day in the home aquarium. Breeding in captivity requires plenty of hiding spaces and consistent water quality.