Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Creature of the month: Dutch Landrace

The Dutch Landrace goat breed is one of the original breeds found in theNetherlands and, as such, is related to other northwest European landraces. . The Dutch Landrace is a medium sized, horned breed preferably with long hair.

In 1958 the original population was nearly extinct and had decreased to only two animals. These two animals in combination with highly similar goats found in rural areas were used to create a successful breeding program. Today (1999) the population has increased up to more than a thousand animals kept by 400 members of the L.F.N.L., the Dutch Breeders Association of the Dutch Landrace. Based on an inbreeding calculation program, breeders receive annual advice concerning the best fit ensuring the lowest level of inbreeding possible. Presently the Dutch Landrace are not used commercially, apart from the herds of 60 to 120 goats kept in kept in national reserves and used to keep naturally open areas such as moors free of trees.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The year Of change 2012

Let the year 2012 be the year of change!
Lets create a more sustainable, happier, healthier, cleaner world with new economic system in place.