Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Snake Facts

MYTH: A python "crushes" its victim to death.
TRUTH: A constrictor snake does not crush its victim. It restricts its ability to breath by tigthenibg the coils around the ribcage every time the victim exhales. The victim dies of suffocation.

MYTH: Snakes hypnotise thier prey.
TRUTH: Snakes lack eyelids and thus their unblinking stare has given rise to this particular legend. Snakes cannot hypnotise anything.

MYTH: If you kill a snakes- watch out because its mate will seek you out and wreak revenge on you.
TRUTH: Sankes are solitary animals and have no mate. It is doubtful if they have a concept of death. You can rest assured no mate will "seek you out". It has no way of knowimg you killed its "mate" in the first place.