Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Reasons To Recycle Paper !!

Did you know that for every ton of paper that is recycled:

  • Seventeen pine trees are saved. Trees sequester carbon.

  • Three square meters of landfill space is saved. This reduces cost to municipalities because transport costs are reduced. This also frees up space at landfill sites.

  • A substantial amount of energy is saved. Energy saved from paper recycling per annum is enough to provide electricity to 512 homes for a year.

  • Forty percent less energy is requied to manufacture paper from recovered paper. Recycled fibre reduces air emissions in paper making by 70%

  • THERE is a reduction of coal-based emissions of one ton of carbon dioxide.

  • There is a reduction of electricty-based emissions of 1,8 tons of carbon dioxide.

So do your part and recycle, the power is in your hands :)

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